Corporate Policy

企 業 理 念

◆ あくなき経営革新と企業の永続的成長を追求する

​◆ 自動車産業分野での「ものづくり」を通じて、社会・地域社会の発展に寄与する

​◆ 『人』を企業基盤とし社員一人ひとりの成長が総合力に高められる企業風土づくり

◆Pursuing continuous management innovation

and sustainable growth of the company.

◆Contributing to the development of society and local communities

through “manufacturing” in the automobile industry.

◆Creating a corporate culture that enhances the growth of each

and every employee based on “people” as the corporate foundation.


Human resource development that we envision












株式会社 大西 代表取締役社長

​鈴木 司郎,Ltd. President

​Shiro Suzuki

Target(Human resorces image)

①「 Independence」: You can do it!

 A person who can take on new tasks and take on

new knowledge to grow.

②「 Symbiosis」:Have fun helping each other!

 A person who is always grateful and can respect each other.

③「 Creation」:This is good、you did it!

  Those who constantly improve by trial and error for success.

Meta (imagem de recursos humanos)

①「Independência」:Se fizer, consegue!

  Pessoa que consegue crescer desafiando o serviço

que nunca fez, absorvendo novos conhecimentos.

②「Simbiose」:Se divertir ajundando um ao outro!

 Pessoa que é sempre grata e respeita aos outros.

③「Criação」:Isso é bom, conseguiu!

  Pessoa que constantemente fazem melhorias com tentativas

       e erros para obter o sucesso.